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More and more we’re getting conscious about our lifestyle, our goals and how we want to grow old or what we want to leave behind for the next generation. More and more, we hear around us how people take a 180 degree turn in their lives to stop whatever they were doing to follow their dreams. We want a lot of things in life so we put a lot of pressure on ourselves, and society doubles this pressure by its high expectations. And something, this becomes too much.

During the 4th session of While Wining, we sat down with Daniela Klauser to talk about how to be more conscious at work, exert your power of choice and how to design the (work-) life you envision. This to prevent burnouts.



Sometimes, we get lost in what our objective is:
do we live to work or work to live?

Lorraine Sorlet

Backround on Daniela Klauser

Two years ago, after a ‘quarter life challenge’ (as she calls it herself), Daniela switched from a business development and sustainability career in the energy market, to a career in personal development and sustained energy; coaching and training professionals in burnout/stress prevention & recovery, work-life integration, and strategic intervention for topics (international) professionals deal with. 

Below I have summarized the 5 key takeaways from our latest While Wining event ‘Conscious At Work’. Some notes and some personal learnings from my talk with Daniela.

1. Manage your brain & manage your energy
This was one of the first tips she mentioned. If you are able to use your brain optimally, keep it healthy & happy, it is easier for you to manage your energy. When you can manage your energy, you can manage your time, which results in positive productivity and a happy you. Sounds simple right?

Start managing your energy by feeding your body and especially brain with what it needs. For example, to stay focused, if your body and brain need a distraction, give in to it just enough so you can get things done. If it needs rest, and you cannot manage to focus or get to your creativity, take a break. The longer you keep fighting it, the longer it takes for your to get in a good flow. Of course if you feel like your body and brain need to be active, that is your cue to being productive.

If you try to be a pretzel, twisting yourself in something that you are not, you will drain your energy.

2. Find out what or who the voices in your head are
We all know that voice in our head that says ‘Don’t be lazy, finish it now!’ or ‘Let’s make more hours, maybe we’ll get that promotion’ etc. Everyone has them and even though the voices can say completely different things, they all put pressure on you.

Now try finding out what or who these voicesare
(neurological pathways from your past, that has been created by repeating the same thoughts and behaviours). Are they your boss’s or from peer pressure? Are they from your childhood, a teacher or a parent? Are they really you or what you would like to be? By putting this in perspective you are more likely to ignore them when they are unnecessary and can better listen to your own voice from within. You will know when it is your voice when you feel excitement and joy.

Remember, you are in the lead to decide which voice to follow.

3. Find out where your ‘will’ to do something comes from
You wake up and you say to yourself ‘Today, I’m going to do x & y & Z and when I’m off from work I’m going to this & that and maybe also see her & him’ etc. Before you know it, your entire day is full and maybe also filled with things you are actually not really looking forward to.

Next time you are filling up your to do jar, pause and take a deep breath (deep breaths are perfect for anything, they especially relax your muscles from the stress and tension, breath in your nose and out of your mouth for this), close your eyes and follow your will to do all these things back to its roots in your body. Have they started to flourish in your mind, or heart, or gut?

If it’s your mind, then check if it is old beliefs from your childhood, are they still true?
If it’s your heart, then you will feel joy, even if it is also exciting or scary.
If it is your gut, then you will know you feel like doing something even if you do not understand why. That is fine, just stay aware of emotions that have resulted from thoughts which also could have an influence on your gut. Where is this intuition coming from?

4. Relieve stress
Relieving stress is different for everyone. For example, do you yawn a lot before or after a big presentation? That can be relieving or processing stress and emotions.

Some animals, for instance, relieve stress really easily: they shake their body. Try it the next to you are feeling stress. Shake your body or hands, or do a little dance. Movement moves energy through you, also the stressful energy, like certain emotions.

A few easy activities that instantly relieve stress:

    1. Massage the part between your thumb and index finger
    2. Place a small, hard bouncy ball under your bare feet and move back and forth by breathing in consciously and out through your mouth when you feel a stingy pain or uncomfortable feeling. Do not press too hard, it is not a competition nor does it help to overdo it.
    3. Stretch by also using your breath. The key lies in the combination of movement and breath.

NB: Do not mistake relieving stress or relaxing with Netflixing. Watching a show is nice, but you will be processing that information and will not give your brain a real break. Afterwards your brain still needs to relax to release stress with other methods.

5. Listen to you body

The last tip is the most obvious one, but one that is easily ignored: Listen to your body! It really takes time and practice to be able to hear your body’s needs, so take enough rest planning enough empty spaces in your agenda. Make a habit of meditating or giving your brain a break, to better be in touch with your feelings and thoughts. Exercise and feed your brain with positivity, oxygen and good healthy foods.

Great tips that you can instantly implement to improve your work-life. However, if you have got questions to your personal situation, implementing the learnt (behavioral change), or are hungry for more tips from Daniela and are ready to explore all the coaching options for you, contact her directly. She will be happy to hear from you.

Contact Daniela

While Wining is a laid back and small networking event in a living room setting, during which we drink wine and learn about something new. The concept has arisen from personal lack of networking skills, disinterest in paying lots of money for commercial and impersonal events, yet having a billion interests and a hunger to learn something new every day.

During each While Wining event, a small group of people relevant to the theme, will get invited, who can bring a +1. This way the vibe is always right and there is always someone new to meet.


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