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Strategic Creative
Creative Strategist

My roots are in Iran, my home is in The Netherlands and my heart is spread all over the world.

I am an allround freelancer, passionate for cultural diversity and with experience in creative marketing, campaign management and photography.

My organisational habits, Adobe CC skills and my endless ambition to grow, develop and learn, allow me to be hands-on across the creative spectrum and be involved in multiple layers of projects.

I continuously invest in developing my skill set and I am always on the lookout for creative projects, inspiring teams and challenging assignments.

It’s All In The Name


Ay – Think of ‘Aye Aye Captain’ or ‘Eye’ | Don’t think of ‘Aid’
Gin {geen/gien/gean} – I know you’re thinking of ‘Gin & Tonic’, don’t! | Think of the ‘G’ in ‘Girl’

The Moon & The Sun
Dusk & Dawn

Hire Me For The Good Stuff


Social Media 

Content Marketing

Digital Campaigns

Visual Identity

Account Management

Cultural Diversity

Influencer Marketing



Creative Direction


Project Management


Concept Development


Getting Curious?

Observing Stories & Capturing Still Lifes

Yes, apparently it’s ”Lifes” because it refers to objects. I didn’t know either.

I take pictures of what interests me the most, humans and cultures. And I also focus on creating content for brands, which usually results in creating still lifes with products in the center of attention. 

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Multidisciplinary  In Everything Marketing

Multidisciplinary, not because I cannot choose what I like, but because I see value in versatility.

I have been working in digital marketing ever since I wrote my thesis about online dialogues back in 2012. Since then, and in different roles, I have built experience in digital strategies (social media, content & influencer marketing), concept development both for content and campaigns, copywriting, production & creative direction.

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Titles I’ve Carried

Social Media Manager
Content Creative
Globe Trotter
Brand Manager
Influencer Marketing Consultant
Creative Strategist

Digital Nomad
Project Manager
Campaign Manager
Account Manager
Concept Developer


I’m happy to build your digital portfolio.

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